Monday, August 5, 2013

Perks of an SB kid!

I remember the day I was told about James David's spina bifida. The Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor handed me a whole bunch of tissues, and I wiped the ultrasound goo off my stomach with them. I was given the option for medical termination and quickly turned it down. Most people would have been devastated. A disabled child? Lives changed. Dreams crushed. But I am here to spread hope to all those who fear having a paralyzed child. It's really not that bad and comes with good perks!

#1. Handicapped Parking: Don't deny it, you have so coveted the bright blue parking spots. Those days when you are 20 rows back and are sweating in the summer heat before you even reach the doors are over! No more soaking in the rain. You can now park extremely close and convenient without having to pay a $500 fine!  :) Rejoice!

#2. Potty Training: Dreading it? Don't! I dreaded the days of potty training my son. Well I'm pleased to report it's probably one of the easiest things I've ever done! There were no fights about getting on the potty. There were no accidents in the corners. No bribery for poopy. It was quite simple. Step one: learn to catheterize. Step two: bowel management program. Easy as pie :) Kid goes on your schedule and when you make him. No pull-ups. BAM! You're in big boy undies over night.

#3. G-Tubes: While not everyone get's (or needs) one of these, if you find yourself in the position of needing one for your child. Don't fret, and sign the consent. Have you been worrying about what your going to fix your child for dinner? Struggling with a picky eater? Spend every single stinking meal fretting over just trying to get your little stinker to eat? Poof! You're problems are gone. Your child's meals are now planned out by a nutritionist and prepackaged in a cute calorie filled can. You can feed you child on the go or even while they sleep! Just wait! It get's even better! You know all the money you spent on your child's special food? Shut your pocketbook and go get a manicure! Insurance now pays to feed your youngster, and will even deliver their formula to your front door. That's right. Now you can shop for you!

These are just some of the perks. While you may think your life is now filled with dread, think again! It's not all bad! Believe me I know that all of the things I mentioned came with a lot of coping. There is a lot of stress and a lot of dread to get here. Worrying. Grieving. But when you sit back, after months of living it, you think, and you realize it's really not that bad! ;)