Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shunt Scare

Well yesterday was very interesting to say the very least. James David woke up at about 0600 as normal. He was my happy lil baby (unfortunately I think he's going to be a morning person). I noticed what looked like a tiny zit right on the skin where his shunt is placed. I just assumed since his hair is still growing back it's an ingrown hair, and made a note to keep an eye on it. He ate his belly full and then after layin awake for a bit he snuggled up with his Mimi and went back to sleep. Well from then on out he would wake up a bit and just fuss and fuss and fuss. It was awful. But I had places I "needed" to go, so I figured I would just have to deal with him. I put James David in his car seat and went to grab just a few more things before I left, when he just erupted into screams. I unstrapped him and when I picked up I noticed that all around his shunt was extremely red. His skin that was red was hot too. I'm panicking.

I immediately called his neurosurgery's office. Well just my luck, Dr. Johnston's nurse was out sick. So the receptionist took a note. Then she called me back about 10 mins later bc she couldn't get a hold of that girl and she had me leave a message on her machine. Well an hour later she calls me to tell me that they don't think its anything but a reaction to the glue they put on there 10 weeks ago for the closure of his last revision and they'll schedule him an appt for Monday just in case... But if anything got worse they wanted me to take him to the ER. It took all I had not to flip a brick. How was I supposed to wait almost 3 days when I was certain my son was slowly dying? But I calmly said "Ok, thank you." and hung up the phone.

I was very very upset. I watched James David like a hawk for the next 24 hours. Lo and behold, he's fine... I have absolutely no idea what was wrong with him, but his shunt now seems to be in working order. I have no idea how any one person is supposed to be able to lead a normal life with this kind of worry and insanity, but I guess I'm going to have to try...


  1. After Tallen had his heart surgery if the child sneezed I was in a tizzy. It was horrible.. for all of us. But I can tell you now that after almost 2 1/2 yrs I finally dont panic over everything... only about half as much as i used to. I still feel the urge to yell STOP when Josh roughhouses with him because you just never know if his stint will fall and cause him to have a heart attack... or so my mind tells me. I say all this bc it does get better... in perspective. :) Love you girly!

  2. It really does become a new normal for parents like us... when and how, I am not sure. But over the past 10 years I have (for the most part!) chilled into it. And you know what? I still go with my gut! If I think something needs aa deeper look, I jsut keep pushing... and EVERY TIME it has turned out that pushing is what it took.. But that is ok... you will grow into your new role... you are still in your training period :)

  3. It does get better. I promise.
    The shunt ruled my life for the first couple of months, now it only rules half of my life!
    But seriuosly it will get better, you will know how James David acts and hopefully he'll stop scaring you.

  4. Thanks ladies! Its good to know I'm not 100% crazy and that this does get better :)