Thursday, November 18, 2010


I would like to just take a bit to update on James David. 

He's sleeping through the night now. PTL. He wants to sit up so badly, and he can sit on his own for a few seconds before he falls forward. hehe :) He drools like crazy and everything has to go into his mouth! He is learning to eat with a spoon and absolutely loves it. He "talks" ALL the time, and it is quite hilarious. We are trying to explain to him that when he is eating and when he has his passy in his mouth we can not "understand" him, but heck its not like we can really understand him anyways. He has learned to cuddle. He gets his body as close to mine as he can and wraps his arms around me when he is ready to go to sleep. He has rolled over a few times, but nothing too consistent. 

We have had a few adventure too. He got to pet a horse on Tuesday. James David wasn't too sure about Thunder (who was just as unsure about what he was) sniffing him at first but then he touched his warm, fuzzy nose and instantly his face broke out into a smile. I do believe he is going to like horses. He also had his first bbq :) We spent Veterans day at Grandpa Ray's. 

 4 Generations of Ray Men

It's crazy how much you can love one tiny person. Even though he can't really tell me yet, I know he loves me too. He is growing up and changing so fast. Its truly amazing. But all in all he is doing wonderfully :) Everything is up to speed and he right on target. Of course, me bein his mom and all I'm convinced he's advanced ;)


  1. Oh I forgot to mention that the pick from left to right is David, James Wesley (Holding James David), and Grandpa James Ray. Anyone Seeing a pattern here? lol

  2. Wow... I guess pickin out his name wasn't too hard.