Friday, May 13, 2011

Ordinarily Extrordinary

Today started the same as any other. 
Get up at 5 a.m. and feed James David. Then, go back to sleep. 
Get up at 7 and watch Sesame Street. Go back to sleep. 
9 Feed James David breakfast and give him meds and get puked on. 
Then off to cleaning and other normal day jazz.
But then, during a completely normal therapy/play session (You know the ones where I end up extremely frustrated because all he wants to do is roll to his back and then lay there and yell at me) something amazing happened!
It was slow at first, and I was almost unsure as to if I really believed it happened. 
But then it happened again and again. Getting more definite each time. 
Sure as the grass is green James David pulled his knees up under him! 
Once he got them there he would usually push them right back out, but once or twice he did rock back and forth. 
It was nothing grand or spectacular. He didn't get up and crawl away (or anywhere for that matter), but it was a small victory in our day. A brief reminder that we will get there someday. A glimmer of hope in his pretty blue eyes. 
Then the day carried on as normal. Dishes were done. Laundry was folded. And everything went back into its usual routine.
But as I crawl into bed tonight you better believe that my mind will drift back to that joyful moment that I saw my son do something he was told he may never do. I saw him defy the odds, grow confident in himself, and be as stubborn as his parents, no matter how scared he might have been. These are the moments that I live each day for, and this is the one that will brighten my dreams tonight.


  1. love it Brittany, I don't know you but I know you are a great mom to my great nephew lol darlene

  2. I love those little (big!) victories! They keep us going!!!