Friday, March 18, 2011

Quite a Personality

Over the last few days my tiny man has decided to amp up his already quite hilarious personality and let me tell you, he has had us rolling in laughter. 

1) He has learned to lean and grab for the person he wants. Only, he can't figure out who he wants. So we are constantly passing him around. My mother works in a nursing home and we were visiting there today and he wanted everybody to hold him. Nobody was safe from James David kisses. 
2) He has decided he is absolutely the center of the universe. If you walk into the room and don't specifically show him attention he will flail his arms up and down like a crazy man until you do. 
3) Also I am not allowed to leave his line of sight. If he can't see mommy things get ugly. 
4) His love for Sesame Street continues to grow. He will watch it for almost 2 hours straight (that's a long time for a 6 month old) if I will let him. I have found this is the ultimate distraction for giving him medicine or enemas. He just stares at the TV.
5) If he wants it he is going to try his darndest to get it. At a consignment sale today he just reached his little fat hands down and picked up the toy he wanted. I was like "Well hello there!" He almost jumped out of my arms for a Sesame Street book that had Elmo on the cover. 
6) Lastly, he has learned to shake his head "NO". I don't know where he learned it from but buddy he does it to everything. You can say just about anything to him and you will either get a big giggly smile or arms straight out beside him and a big fat "NO" headshake.

Needless to safe life has become quite an adventure these last few days. We go next week to see his orthopedic and hopefully at least get him in some night splints. I can only imagine what kind of trouble I'm going to be in when this little boy gets mobile. Say a prayer for me in advance!

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  1. I love these baby stages!!! thanks for sharing... I miss those days, as my "baby" just turned 8 last month!