Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love My Snuggle Time

Snuggle: (v) to nestle into or draw close to (somebody or something) for warmth or from affection.

 Snuggling is something every mother looks forward to upon receiving the news of expecting a child. At least I know I did. I looked forward to lazy days watching TV on the couch, or him snuggling in my bed after he had a bad dream. However, once my child passed 4 or 5 months old, I've rarely got to experience this outside of post-operative medication induced snuggles. We mostly show affection by holding hands. Tonight, on the other hand, I got to snuggle! That's right ladies and gents, my lil monkey man rolled over while I was putting him to sleep and nestled his little head into my chest AND put my arm around him. (I about fainted in astonishment). 

Its little things like this, that remind me everyday of the leaps and bounds we are overcoming. :)

Last Friday we went to the zoo :) 
This is him feeding the pelicans. That's right, MY son held a dead, slimy, cold fish. and threw it to the birdies!


And he rode a giraffe! (I think he was a little sleepy)
  We had a wonderful time. Its crazy how fast he is growing up! I'm enjoying being a stay-at-home mommy and getting to experience all the wonderful little things about my little boy that I love and being a mommy :)

Superman says, "Goodnight!"