Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sticky Face, Sticky Nose, Sticky Boy From Head to Toes

Today was an absolutely wonderful day in James David world :)

It all began with James David's very first dentist trip. I of course being, the dunce I am, left his med port open on his gtube last night. For those of you that don't know 440 ccs of Pediasure results in a very wet, sticky, unhappy boy when he wakes up, and a very stinky mattress for mommy to try and clean up. As a result of this mishap, we arrived late to his appointment. With 3 pages of paperwork (which normally wouldn't take that long, but my son happens to have a lllooonnnggg medical history). I also happened to forget my license :) But after much ado we finally got back into the office. Surprisingly, James David did very well. They office was decorated with murals on the walls, toys everywhere, and airplanes hanging from the ceiling. It was childhood utopia.  We luckily had an appointment time with older kids, so he wasn't afraid of them. His teeth look great, and the last of his two-year-old molars is coming in now. They praised me for how well I have taken care of his teeth, but to be honest, the boy just has good genetics because between feeds, meds, and caths, I'm lucky to remember to brush his teeth once a day. The real fun when it came time to leave. My son gladly watched me walk out the door without him and went right back to playing. I literally had to drag him out of the office because he wanted to stay and play all day...

After naptime this afternoon it had cooled down enough for him to go outside and play. Some of his medication causes him to overheat so we have to stay inside some days. I laid in the grass with him and we blew bubbles for about an hour, and it was pure bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my son laugh hysterically at the bubbles. His eyes glistened in amazement at the realization that he could blow his own bubbles. He was completely covered from head to toe in the bubble mixture, and he was having so much fun that we could have cared less. As we sat there some of the neighbor kids came out to play as well. James David adores them and the attention they give him. As a went inside to clean I could hear them laughing outside as they played with bubbles and balls. It was music to my motherly ears. I am so grateful to live where the other kids accept and adore my son.

As we wind the day down he crawls around the livingroom with his toboggan pulled over his face, trying not to run into things. Occasionally he takes a break to eat some more hotdog and watch his beloved Sesame Street. Oh, its a very good day to be a little boy. :)